Online Payment Solutions (e-commerce)

We understand that every business has different needs and, we work with the UK’s major payment gateway providers. This means that we can always source for you a simple, customisable and highly secure online payment solution.
The right online payment solution can streamline the checkout process, give excellent fraud protection, reduce cart abandonment and offer shoppers a consistent experience regardless of channel, device, language or currency. All of which are crucial factors for retailers aiming to continually improve the shopping experience for customers.

Contact our team to discuss your on-line payments requirement and access tools, such as our easy to set up test website page and how yours could look.

Face to Face Terminals

Also known as PDQ Machines

We have a choice of the very latest portable or desktop terminals most of which are tri-com which means they change between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPRS (mobile phone network), so you should always be able to process card payments. The terminals we supply are unlocked so you can change your merchant acquirer without having to replace your terminals (provided the new acquirer supports that make & model), a bit like an unlocked mobile phone.

A Virtual Terminal (VT)

Take payments over the phone with a secure web interface or you can use the ‘Pay by link’ feature that’s useful for all kinds of business – an accountant sending e-invoices to customers, a wholesaler taking a telephone order, a venue or hotel confirming a booking, a tradesman or builder providing services to householders. ‘pay by link’ is a simple and useful tool to let customers pay securely by credit and debit card.