Merchant Services for Businesses

Merchant services have become an increasing part of a business’s overheads, we aim to decrease these costs by offering a fully comprehensive service, whilst also advising on new payment technology.

For businesses already accepting card payments you can use the free “switch and save” review service that could save you up to 40% on your existing charges. EU regulation in recent years has reduced the consumer credit card processing costs and as a result there’s never been a better time to review your current charges to ensure you’re benefiting from the lower costs. An example would be you may still be being charged extra for non-secure transactions such as phone payments, and other costs that regulation removed however the merchant services providers can still choose whether to charge you for them.

Simply send us a copy of your latest merchant statement and we’ll use this to compare pricing and negotiate better terms for you. The service is free of charge and we’ll always be on hand to support and assist you throughout the switchover process.